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My ancestry

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Some writings from my immediate family

Ribbons in my Hair My mother writes about her childhood.
Sand in my Hair My father writes about his childhood.
The view upstream My mother's thoughts on getting older.
Ellen Octavia Graham Brian Tidmarsh's memories of Ellen Octavia Graham
Gummy's adventure My grandfather describes an adventure he had when he was young.
The famous treasure map A real life treasure map, made by my grandfather, Bert (Robert McPherson), based on what his father had told him once. He sent it to his brother Adam, but I doubt it was ever used.
Robbie Remembers My mother wrote a short book about my uncle Robbie (husband of Mum's sister Valerie), based on conversations with Robbie.
Brian Tidmarsh A brief memoire written by my father's cousin, Brian Tidmarsh. It complements a much longer autobiography, Now and Then, which is the next item in this list.
Now and Then The autobiography of my father's cousin, Brian Tidmarsh. A wonderfully detailed account of his life and family.