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Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggarman, Thief

A book I wrote about my ancestry. I finished it in 2009, so it needs revision and updating.

The full book It's a large download, so I've broken it up into separate chapters also.
Chapter 1 McPherson, Clark, Peddie. Dunedin families from my mother's side.
Chapter 2 Neal and Busch. Very early settlers to the Nelson region.
Chapter 3 Norgrove. Early arrivals into Wellington and Nelson.
Chapter 4 Sneyd and Bond. Auckland families from my father's side.
Chapter 5 Grahams of Edmond Castle. From Carlisle, and not nearly as important as the name suggests.
Chapter 6 Curteis, Beale, and other older English families.
Chapter 7 Boileau de Castelnau. The connection to France, through the Huguenots.
Chapter 8 Jessup. Early settlers around the New York area.
Chapter 9 Various Huguenot families, winding their way all the way back to Charlemagne.