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Family Chronicle In 1818/1819 the Graham family wrote a family newspaper, or Chronicle, every week, describing what they've been doing, or simply writing nonsense for the fun of it. This is a priceless repository of information about the Grahams of Edmond Castle, as well a fascinating social history, giving enormous insight into how a family of that social class, at that time, thought.
Edmond Castle A short essay I wrote about Edmond Castle, in Hayton, Cumberland.
Grahams of Kirkstall Closely related to the Grahams of Edmond Castle, these Grahams were the important ones, being real Baronets and all. This pdf was supplied by a descendant of the Kirkstall Grahams, Simon Graham-Harrison, who has a copy of the original book, which is not readily available.
Grahams of Edmond Castle Chapter 5 from my book, linked here simply for convenience. You can also link to this chapter from the navigation bar.
Burke's entry The entry in Burke's Landed Gentry about the Grahams of Edmond Castle. It's difficult to find, which is why I put it here, even though it probably breaks copyright.
Village of Edmond Castle The article by T.H.B. Graham in the Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society (TCWAAS(2nd series), vol 8 (1908). pp. 13 - 30). It's freely available online, but I put it here for convenience.
Memoirs of a Lady Motorist A short book about her motoring adventures written in 1916 by Olivia Graham of Edmond Castle. Lady Motorists were not common in the early 1900s, and she was very proud of herself.