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Summary A short summary essay I wrote about the Boileau de Castelnau and my sources for that branch of the family.
BBC The Big Boileau Chart. A huge chart, compiled by Jane Alicia Innes in 1867, with handwritten additions from the 1890s on. It describes the Boileau genealogy, and lists a lot of (but not all) the descendants of Charles Boileau and Marie Magdalen D'Escury. The original is owned by Chris Read, who kindly photographed it for me.
BBC (modern version) The Big Boileau Chart redone in more modern notation. Not nearly as pretty as the original. Done with Reunion; if you want a copy of the Reunion file, just ask me.
BBB The Big Book of Boileau. I'm not sure this should be on the web, but the original authors never published it formally, and have now all died. This is the indispensable source of all things Boileau. It is the fount of Boileau wisdom. It is a brilliant piece of work.
Sketches Sketches by Despreaux John Boileau, who died in 1864 at the age of 22.
Boileau de Castelnau Chapter 7 from my book, linked here simply for convenience. You can also link to this chapter from the navigation bar.
RBB The Red Book of Boileau. Notes made by my grandmother, and kept in a little red book.