These are written from scratch, not from midi. They are mostly original (they are labelled if not). I'm always happy to take requests to write songs in abc format for LOTRO. They're pretty much in the order that I wrote them, with the earliest ones first. Not that you care, of course, but it kind of explains the weird order.

Lament for Aegthil mp3 file abc file   First I ever wrote in abc notation. A very sad song, for when Aegthil bashed his head in.
Byrdie's Blues mp3 file abc file   You're not in Gondor now, Byrdie.
Harperella's Grace mp3 file abc file Video For Harperella. She should never have let Aegthil into the Lonely Mountain Band. Based on Amazing Grace. Of course. Doh.
Aegthil at the Book Club mp3 file abc file   I wasn't a great guest at the Book Club discussion session.
Tinki's Mambo mp3 file abc file   The short, yellow mambo.
Billing's Lonely Mountebanks Funk-out Spanish Dance Party mp3 file abc file   Like totally, dude. Actually, this was meant to be funk, but I can't write funk in Lotro. It turned rather Latin instead. Oh well.
Lennidhren's Pavane mp3 file abc file   A stately dance, as requested. Well, OK, so it wasn't requested, but she got it anyway. Tough.
Hangin' with Locney mp3 file abc file   Hey, Locney, it could be worse. It could have lyrics.
A medley of jigs mp3 file abc file   For Beorbrand, the bagpipe man.
Ales and Tales mp3 abc file   Lenni asked me to write a theme song for Ales and Tales, so here it is. When Tamoro died in 2017 I added a special verse just for him, as he was so closely associated with Ales and Tales.
The Ballad of Khizli mp3 file abc file Video For Khizli the Dwarf. Inspired by Sir Walter Scott's poem, Pibroch of Donuil Dhu.
Khizli's Jig Medley mp3 file abc file Video Two jigs. First is a traditional Scottish jig, The Pibroch of Donald Dhu, the second is Khizli's Jig, as wot I wrote it.
The Wyrmbane Forge mp3 file abc file   For Casin, for his Wyrmbane Forge. Rock on out.
Wrenaya mp3 file abc file Video For Wrenaya. Aegthil insisted.
The Bluebonnett Blues mp3 file abc file Video She's small, but she's got balls. So to speak.
Drunken Sailor mp3 file abc file Video An arrangement of the traditional tune What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor. The hornpipe in the middle is called Carica's hornpipe, as wot I wrote it, and the hornpipe at the end is called The Biographer's Hornpipe. As wot I wrote that one, too.
Theromin's Reel mp3 file abc file   Theromin's Xmas present
Fin's Happy Feet mp3 file abc file Video For Finliras. Because he asked me.
BBB is coming to town mp3 file abc file Video Yeah. Watch out. I didn't write these tunes. Obviously. I merely murdered them. Some assorted Xmas carols as well. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, and... er... In Excelsis Deo (I think it's called).
Gone to Sea (Gaiagil's Lament) mp3 file abc file   For Gaiagil Melodwen. Lyrics by Tayra, a character in a game called Clan Lord. They were written some years ago, and don't really fit with Gaiagil, but too bad. I like them. And it's not like Gaiagil was actually paying for this, you know.
Anarwald's Pavlova mp3 file abc file   Kiwi Merengue. Hmmm...... For Anarwald, because he likes Merengue. Possibly not murdered Merengue, but that's just too bad, isn't it? He doesn't get any say in the matter.

The LMB anthem (abc version only, no vocals)

mp3 file abc file   The Lonely Mountain Band asked me to write them a theme song. So I did. The wav file is just from the abc. The lyrics in the abc file aren't the final ones. So sue me.
LMB anthem (vocals and real instruments) mp3 file   Video Proper audio version of the LMB anthem, engineered by Floradine and sung and played by a bunch of people in the LMB.
Swinging with the Tea Lady mp3 file abc file Video Because she gave me some nice things. Sing along. "Just like ladies oughtta/She's heating up my water/She's brewing up a cup of gumboot tea/It's really not surprising/That the steam has started rising/Cause she's brewing up a cuppa, just for me". Oh yeah.
The Biographer mp3 file abc file Video This was meant to be a reel. Oh dear. Sometimes you just don't get where you're going.
Weatherstock Forever (abc version only) mp3 file abc file   A song for Weatherstock. That should have been fairly obvious.
Weatherstock Forever (real singing) mp3 file   Video Engineered by Floradine, sung by Qiredis, Mithrilfist, Harperella, Lennidhren and Floradine
Sarasti's Song mp3 file abc file   Goodbye to Sarasti, who has gone to pastures new. Sob. Any rumours spread by BBB that she has actually been incarcerated in a mental asylum due to the stress induced by the sight of Aegthil's new pants, are baseless and entirely without foundation.
Witchypoo's Soukous Surprise mp3 file abc file   Lyrics by Sarenade. Called "The Witch's Vale". She asked me to write a tune for it, so I did. I tried to make it a Soukous tune, but it didn't entirely work. Win some, you lose some.
Blues for Kyrian mp3 file abc file   For, well, Kyrian. Fancy that. Because she asked me. I'm afraid it's not the best blues I ever wrote, but, hey, as I said before, you don't win 'em all. Sorry Kyrian.
Happy Birthday mp3 file abc file   All my own work. Truly so. Trust me. Oh, what? You want me to be serious? Fine. No, of course I didn't write the tune, you twit. I just arranged it. Must I spell out everything?
Shinarra mp3 file abc file   Farewell to Shinarra, whose player died in real life, leaving a great gap in the game, in the kinship, and in our hearts. I know that Shinarra would have wanted a happy, jumpy song, for people to dance to. But I just couldn't write one like that. Not for her, not now. I tried, I really did. But I just couldn't.
The Child's Play Jig mp3 file abc file   I wrote this for A Casual Stroll to Mordor, for the Child's Play Fellowship Walk. A silly little jig for a child.
The Doctor's Lament mp3 file abc file   The lyrics are traditional, and the second two verses hard to find. I wrote this simple tune for them many many many years ago, before I realised it is usually sung to a Gilbert and Sullivan tune. Ah well. This abc is for a full band, and is pretty much a copy and paste of the Knights Tarcyrian rhythm. So I'm lazy. Sue me. There's another abc for solo lute. It's not a nice. But at least silly old Aegthil can play it any time he's asked to play a song. Then he can shock even more people than what he already does. Can't be a bad thing.
The Knights of Lord Tarcyrian mp3 file abc file   I wrote this march for the kinship 'The Knights of Lord Tarcyrian', on the Imladris server. They have their own lyrics, which are sensible. Go figure.
Song mp3 file abc file Video Tuiliel wrote this poem, and I wrote the music for it, and turned it into a video. Very pretty and lots of foofy elves.
Casual Stroll to Mordor mp3 file abc file Video Goldenstar asked for a Shirey kind of song. Ha! Well, so much for that idea. Pfft. Who needs another jig?
Honey for the Developers mp3 file abc file   Beorn's Jiggareel and Honey for the Developers. Dedicated to the Lotro developers that worked on the new music system.
Eely Lady mp3 file abc file   For Eilye, the Eely lady. Because she did a lovely arrangement of House in New Orleans, for Aegthil.
Under the Mountain Dark and Tall     Video A poem by Tolkien, set to music by me and performed by Chastine. Not in abc format at all, so it can't be performed in Lotro.
Battle of the Five Armies     Video Lyrics and music by Beorbrand, so I probably shouldn't include it here, but I did some of the music writing.
Winterstock mp3 file abc file   Theme song for the Winterstock festival. You know, there's something missing in this. I'm not very happy with it to be honest. Something doesn't really work. I don't know what.
The Rose Rumbalicious Weatherstock Dance Party mp3 file

abc file

  My second Weatherstock song. Lyrics by Cennwyn. Real live performances by a bunch of people. Chastine on lead vocals, Beorbrand on cornet and trombone, Grimbori on sax, Lilikate on clarinet and recorders, Miskatonic on bass, Malphos on piano, Floradine, Calanne, Anthemisa, Gori on vocals. Probably others I've forgotten. Beorbrand did the abc file, which was made from a midi of a different version of the song. So sue him, not me.
Karelia's Song wav file abc file   Written by Iolo Fitz Owen (aka David R. Watson). Arranged by me, as requested by Aedon. The things I do for wargs. Actually, it's rather a nice song. Lyrics are at the end of the abc file.
Karelia's Song (solo version)   abc file  

Solo version for lute. Again, as requested.

The BBB theme song mp3 file abc file   A song for BBB, about BBB, etc. Everybody wrote their own verse. Mostly.
Bilwise got the Pox  mp3 file abc file    The nasty little Bilwise gets a nasty little itch. Well, not MY fault. These lyrics come with a health warning.
Farewell to Tinki  mp3 file abc file   Tinki was one of the great players of Lotro, beloved by many. Recently, her player died of cancer. He is very greatly missed. He was a lovely person, never lacking a word of kindness and encouragement for others. Tinki was the person who admitted Aegthil to the Lonely Mountain Band, and was an inspiration to me in many ways.
Byrcha's tesselations mp3 file abc file   So this is a weird one. All drums for Byrcha, and in a very different rhythm. Basically, it's in 11/8, but with those 11 beats put together in different ways, and then combined. Hence the tesselations. It's just me playing around.
Keli's Waltz mp3 file abc file   A waltz for Keli. But I suppose you already guessed that. I wrote this for Keli because her player was sick. I just hope it doesn't make him worse. That would be ironic.
Lhinn's stomp mp3 file abc file   A stomp for a bunch of drunken CECs. Aegthil's favourite sight. It's for Lhinnthel, because she asked me to write it. She was probably drunk herself. Wouldn't surprise me.
Aedon Lykos mp3 file abc file   For Aedon, of course, in recognition of all that he's done for the Lonely Mountain Band. Which is a lot. The first part is based on a Swedish lullaby, Vargsanger (Wolf Song), and the second part is a slipjig I wrote. The mp3 is from Logic Pro and the abc file was made by Beorbrand.